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Monday, October 11, 2004

Babble On, O Babbling Brook!

As to the second prong of our Pro-Tracy argument, we hear that we should keep Tracy because he "believes in" his players, and that highly paid, professional baseball players require this type of mythic hero worship from their team leader. I realize that most fans of every sport long ago decided to make their beds with the players and against the sports those players play. But the public coddling of player egos is embarrassing, ugly, and wrong. Shawn Green was still hurting in May? Really? Duh. Might have been a good time not to bat him cleanup. The Oprah-i-zation of player egos perhaps reached its apex yesterday, when Odalis Perez claimed he was hurt by Tracy's decision to pull him after two miserable innings. After that, I can't believe anyone can take this seriously.

By the way, which Dodger pinch-hitter hit 6 for 45 since August 1? If you said first man off the bench Jason Grabowski (who also went 0 for 2 in the NLDS), you get a gold star. All those who think Tracy believes in his players, please explain why Hee Seop Choi got six at-bats in September, and Jason Grabowski got thirty. I could go on, comparing Nomo's treatment to Ishii's (and even Dessens, as strange as that sounds), comparing Encarnacion's treatment to Werth's, etc. but it is all fairly obvious. Jim Tracy believes in angels and demons. The demons don't play.


  • Hey Steve -

    Addressing a small point but not your larger one, Werth was injured in April and May. Once he was healthy, Tracy worked him into the lineup rather quickly and eagerly over Encarnacion. Encarnacion did play some in July after sitting out some time with his injuries, but he was pretty clearly on his way out and probably being showcased for a trade.

    By Blogger Jon, at 10/12/2004 02:00:00 PM  

  • I think that if DePodesta doesn't get on the ball and trade Encarnacion and Roberts, Werth languishes on the bench. This is, of course, speculation, but I don't have a lot of confidence that with the ESPN bobbleheads claiming such nonsense as "Juan Encarnacion is a legitimate major league right fielder," that Tracy would have played Werth instead. At best, Werth is stuck is another platoon, giving us no opportunity to see his true ability. I suppose Tracy should be given credit for not platooning Werth and Grabowski.

    By Blogger Steve, at 10/12/2004 02:34:00 PM  

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