Fire Jim Tracy

Sunday, October 17, 2004

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Well, I considered it over the weekend, and I still don't think we should re-sign Jim Tracy. A miracle finish covered up a myriad of sins (in the baseball sense), but the clincher was that I just can't see analyzing Jim Tracy through the prism of what others are doing. He has to stand and fall on his own record, and I don't understand what it is about his record that anybody is that excited about. Particularly it's not enough, as I am constantly reminded, that "everyone does it." So. What. Let's do it differently, if the situation warrants.

In any case, Jerry is going to join us as co-blogger, Vice President of Marketing, and Senior Vice-President of "Now What Are You Going to Do Now That Jim Tracy Has Signed a Four-Year Contract?". His presence does not change the overall editorial position of this blog, which is to fire Jim Tracy, if you weren't paying attention, but he will provide his own opinion on that and other Dodger-related subjects.


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