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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Beltran for President

You mean to tell me that we could have had this guy for the price of one Guillermo Mota in late June? I was and am a big fan of the Penny trade, but Beltran has been absolutely unreal in the postseason: eight home runs in nine games. Too bad we can probably only afford one of the Belt's: Beltre's my MVP (and my choice for our big free-agent [re]signing this offseason) but Carlos is the one carrying his team to a 2-2 tie in the NLCS.


  • You'd rather have Belre than Beltran? Pass the roach, Steve. Of course, Boras is going to price both of them so that only the Yankees can afford either. Cashman will probably go with Beltran, and he's unlikely to sign both. This leaves us re-signing Beltre. Not a bad second choice, but still a second choice.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/18/2004 11:30:00 AM  

  • This is Jerry's post, not mine. While the editorial position of the blog as a whole is to Fire Jim Tracy (like the New York Times endorsing Kerry, it reflects the views of the owner and proprietor -- that being me), individual authors have their own opinions on whatever issue that comes up. My own opinion on this is that the trade market is very hard to speculate, and that the free agent market is driven largely by hype and conjecture. In short, Boras uses the media and the fans to convince ownership and GMs that if they don't sign a specific person, they will get killed in the press and by the fans. Extortion. DePo's job is to build a 25-person team, not a 1-player team. I would far rather let DePo build the team, then look at the results when he is finished up and down the roster. If Beltre and Beltran, and the tens of millions they will command, fit into the plan, then that's great and I'm excited. If they suck out our resources to the point that we can't rebuild the pitching staff, get a catcher, and stop having to pretend we have a second baseman, then that's a bad deal. I have my hopes pinned to no particular player, only that we improve from the last year.

    By Blogger Steve, at 10/18/2004 12:58:00 PM  

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