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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Howard Who?

XM fires back at Sirius, announcing that it's inked a $650 million / 11-year deal to broadcast MLB games on its satellite radio service, starting next year. More specifically, XM says it will broadcast every team's games, from "Spring Training through the World Series." It will also establish an MLB radio channel that will feature "original content and classic Major League Baseball game broadcasts."

I must admit, all of this sounds intriguing, especially for a guy who is temporarily stationed a thousand miles away from Los Angeles. But there are questions that have yet to be answered: which team's broadcasts will be used for the XM broadcasts? Will XM follow's model in (seemingly) randomly choosing one team's broadcast to use? Or will it follow mlb gameday audio in allowing listeners to choose which broadcast to listen to? If it's the latter, I think they may have sold me on the concept. If they take it a step further and produce pre- and post-game Dodger banter without the ridiculous number of commercials and promos, you can sign me up right now.


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