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Thursday, October 14, 2004

In Honor of...

the worst managerial decision that we might ever see in our lifetimes, I have temporarily changed the name of this blog. My Jim Tracy blog is almost irrelevant at this point. How can you top what just happened tonight? You read my blog, about using Juan Encarnacion or Alex Cora, and then you say "Well, look at what Phil Garner did in Game 2" and it just pales in comparison. Next to this, everything is a "nit" not worthy of picking. I'm not quite sure where to go at this point. Jim Tracy has made lots of dumb decisions, but we're talking about the difference between Mota and Gagne -- significant, but not like this. There is a manager in Major League Baseball, in 2004, who when faced with the decision of who to pitch to Pujols, Rolen, and Edmonds, looked at Brad Lidge and Dan Miceli, and decided that Dan Miceli was the man. If Pete Rose had done this, no one would have been concerned about proof he was betting on baseball (and against his own team).

I'm stunned, just stunned.

In short, yes, this has brought perspective, and the argument that we should keep our particular idiot is beginning to have some resonance.


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