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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Join the Party!

How long before I link to "Fire Terry Francona?" Manny Ramirez, who allowed what looked like a catchable ball for someone a little, ummm, quicker in step, to drop for two Yankee runs in the Eighth, was due up seventh in the Ninth. I am not familiar with the Red Sox's habits over the year as far as pulling Ramirez for similar defensive situations, though of course, Francona refused to run for Ortiz last week and Ortiz won the game in extra innings. If Francona doesn't do it regularly (or at all), I can't see why he would start now. It's a little different than Garner's Kent situation. In that situation, Garner gained the advantage of not having to bat for Lidge and having Lidge instead of Russ Springer (?!) pitch the ninth, which far outweighed whatever Kent might or might not have done in the future (particularly after he grounded into a double play to end the game -- more managers victimized by "run inflation"). Here, Francona only gains the chance that someone will hit that exact ball that dropped, and loses one of the biggest bats in the AL, probably replaced by...Dave Roberts! I think this is an example of bad luck rather than bad managing.


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