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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mea Culpa

Lowe was great. All those runs didn't hurt either. But what's Pedro doing in the game? This seems a little bit of overkill to me. Pedro may have volunteered. But it's not like Lowe was losing it anyway. He could have given up back to back doubles as easy as Pedro, then been taken out. I don't like Timlin, et. al, but a seven run lead is not a one run lead.

UPDATE: What happened to Wakefield if Francona wanted another inning before he went to Timlin? He was about to start Wakefield until a few hours before the game. This is strange. My guess: an attempt to give the bird to New York on the way out the door. The buildup just gets better.

And where is Lofton going down five? Lucky.


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