Fire Jim Tracy

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Never Mind



Phil Garner just brought in Dan Miceli instead of Brad Lidge to pitch to Albert Pujols in the eighth.

I almost can't believe it. It's so breathtaking in its idiocy that it can't be comprehended by mere mortals.

And now Rolen goes deep! This is too much to take. Idiot Bobblehead says that Rolen's calf muscle feels better even as he limps to first.

AND NOW STEVE LYONS SAYS THAT "PHIL GARNER CAN'T GET HIS BEST PITCHER INTO THE GAME!" WHY? A GUN TO HIS HEAD? Why do the Astros participate in Bobblehead-assisted suicide? I propose a three man booth of Joe Morgan, Steve Lyons, and Bill Plaschke.

I would like to think that as little as I think of Jim Tracy's managerial skills, he at least uses Gagne in that situation.


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