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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

No Mo' Nomo

Long before Jim Tracy was settling on Elmer Dessens for that fateful September afternoon, he was giving the Giants games before even throwing the first pitch. Sporting a 7 ERA, a series of horrendous outings, an 84 mph fastball he was throwing two feet high, and a split rendered ineffective (why swing if the fastball's not going to be a strike anyway?), Hideo Nomo got two starts against the Giants in June, giving up seven runs in two outings for two losses. These were gifts. We didn't even compete. Then, in again, completely arbitrary fashion, Tracy goes and benches Ishii for being "inconsistent." So in Jim Tracy's world, inconsistent is worse than consistently being the worst pitcher in the National League.

And then there's this, frankly, insane notion that Tracy kept spreading that there were no "better options." Well, Tracy finally figured one out the day before the season ended, but the truth is that when you're talking about the worst pitcher in the National League, every option is better. This is particularly hard on the rah-rah "Tracy believes in his players" brigade, who got to watch the rotating spectacle of having Kaz Ishii, Edwin Jackson, and other Dodger pitchers read every four days in the Times that the worst pitcher in the National League was a better option than they were.


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