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Monday, October 25, 2004

One More FAQ and a Thank You

Q: Where did Jerry go? We like him and we hate you.

A: You have no idea...

Jerry's computer blew up. Boom! Right in First Amendment. It was tragic. After a proper burial, Dell has promised him a new one. I expect that once Dell fulfills that responsibility, Jerry will be back when he doesn't have to scrounge time on a public library computer to get online.

Also, a big thank you very much to Rob McMillin, who has tested our website and found it worthy of posting in his Links list despite his stated opposition to our Jim Tracy Policy. Next stop: The L.A. Times article covering the re-signing press conference begins:

"Well, the folks at can put their keyboards away and shut their site down, because..."

In advance of that day, we say, "Not. A. Chance."


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