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Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Promising Argument, and other random points

The argument that most people in baseball are dumber than Jim Tracy is starting to pick up steam. After Morgan Ensberg tied the score with a base hit, Garner sent him on the first pitch to Vizcaino. The Cardinals, who have watched Garner crazy run around the bases all night (Bobblehead quote: "I like the Astros agressive baserunning, it just hasn't paid off for them all night."), call for a pitch six inches outside (the bobbleheads claim that Vizcaino didn't try hard enough to hit it.)

We interrupt this posting to ask a very special question: Could Roger Cedeno be stepping any farther up the right field line when he swings? Is he even looking at the ball? And this Wheeler kid looks pretty good. Aggressive. Hard thrower. Nice breaker to Womack. Why is Garner using Harville?

Anyway, it would have been a great call if the bases were 83 feet apart. Inning over.

Garner actually did something smart. He got Oswalt up to throw a few pitches on a very cold night We might see him if this game goes extra innings. But Lidge will almost certainly start the eighth against Pujols, Rolen, and Edmonds. (Note: Bobbleheads have not made note of possible Oswalt strategy...too busy discussing Bob Brenly's son's truck.)


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