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Monday, October 18, 2004

Septembers In Denver

According to Hardball Times, Hideo Nomo had -6 Win Shares? How are negative win shares even possible? It certainly suggests that the more he pitched, the more negative effect he had on the team's performance...right? Like in September, in slightly lighter air?

And I have particularly fond memories of the day game against the Cubs where he was throwing 80 mph fastballs (with Vinny remarking how charitable the scoreboard was to call them changeups) two feet high (he actually got another start after this -- hard to believe), and those two games we decided to throw to the Giants, who we were in a pennant race with us or something.

By the way, now to believe Jim Tracy's continual mantra regarding the status of his pitching, you have to believe that there wasn't a single pitcher in the entire Dodger Organization, on roster or not, that was better than -6 Win Shares. Ridiculous. Always was, always will be. If this is what we get out of Tracy's belief in his players, then we get nothing, just like, incidentally enough, playing Encarnacion every day, giving Grabowski a record number of pinch at-bats, and letting Shawn Green languish in the clean-up spot for a month are brilliant examples of him "juggling" his lineup to get the "most" out of everybody. Everyone was so caught up in the brilliance of Tracy (and no one more so than the man himself, seemingly) platooning Cora and Hernandez (just stunning, amazing strategy, really), that everyone forgot to look and see that, hey, Hernandez actually hits Williams and Morris, and Cora doesn't.


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