Fire Jim Tracy

Monday, October 18, 2004

Something to Think About

I have been meaning for days to recommend Jon Weisman's analysis of Hee Seop Choi. As of now, barring a Beltran signing or someother unforseeable occurrence, I think Choi at first and Green in right is a fine way to start the season. But I have two only tangentially related questions about this article:

1) If Choi's equivalency value is so high, how does that justify Tracy's decision to never let him be seen for six weeks prior to the final five games of the season?

2) If Hernandez and Cora are so equal, how come Hernandez's equivalency value is so much higher than Cora's? (Jon cites to Baseball Prospectus.) which suggests that Jose Hernandez's EQA is slightly less than league leader Mark Loretta's. I am honestly confused. This would seem to support my contention that Hernandez might have deserved more than one at-bat over the four games of the NLDS (particularly against Williams and Morris, as I suggested in this post).


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