Fire Jim Tracy

Friday, October 15, 2004

This Is EXACTLY What I Was Afraid Of

"But they did go 37-10 or whatever, down the stretch, and they won a playoff series, which is something they've never done. I think Drayton McLane sees Garner as a great fit for that clubhouse, and I expect him to be back regardless of his postseason missteps."

This is just one guy's opinion (ESPN's Jerry Krasnick), but this exactly the kind of thing that just drives me insane. They won the Braves series despite Garner (thanks, Todd Martin). He's a "great fit for the clubhouse?" How does that save us (not to mention his team) from the spectacle of Dan Miceli in the Eighth Inning? Reducing the manager to this Forrest Gump-like status is just wrong. The side of me that so desperately wants needed reform in MLB thinks that maybe letting Jim Tracy go is exactly the wake-up call baseball in general so obviously, desperately needs. But as for now, the honor is still all Phil's at the top of the page.


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