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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What Does It All Mean?

Is anyone else interested that Alex Cora has more "Win Shares" than Eric Gagne? Two possible conclusions to draw:

1) Trade Cora now. He went 17 for 72 in August, following that with 13 for 74 in September, then followed that with a 2 for 15 playoff series. During that time, even worse, he had just eight extra base hits (though, they included, admittedly, two big homeruns against the Giants). It may already be too late to trade him for peak value, but we can always hope that nobody was paying attention.

2) This idea takes on new respectability.

Also did anyone notice that LoDuca, Encarnacion, and Mota combined for 14 Win Shares as Marlins, compared to the combination of 10 for Finley, Penny, and Choi? Even with Choi's struggles, a healthy Penny would have made that deal a clear win (a healthy Penny and a producing Choi would have given the ESPN Bobbleheads a collective coronary, and made the Marlins GM the dumbest man in America. Though he may already be after he gets done paying those guys next year.) Given the relative financial flexibility that deal blessed us with (not to mention the pleasure of dumping one of the worst outfielders in baseball back on a team that should have known better), we still won this trade, Plaschke be damned.


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