Fire Jim Tracy

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Which Leads Me To My Next Point

With Jim Tracy, it's always someone else's fault. The correct answer to questions about Nomo, if you are going to pursue the insane notion of pitching him, was "I recognize that Hideo Nomo is not doing well. We think that Hideo will improve with work, and be an important part of this team in September. His past contributions to this team, which all of us recognize and appreciate, give us reason to pitch Nomo instead of Kaz Ishii or Edwin Jackson or Elmer Dessens, all of whom are pitching better than Hideo, and all of whom are also an important and necessary part of this team." To shrug your shoulders and pretend that the poor mean GM won't get you any pitchers is not only not helpful, it's dangerous. It sends the wrong message to the team, since it amounts to giving up games without any hope of any future benefit, and more importantly, essentially throws games to the opposition, and against the Giants, this is a two game swing. Take responsibility. You are the manager. You pitched Nomo. Nobody forced you to do it. Nobody held a gun to your head.


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