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Friday, November 26, 2004

The Dodgers and Claremont

From Dodger Thoughts, on where Jim Tracy and this commentator live:

"hee hee...I would love to say the beach, but Claremont, where the colleges are. It's about 40 minutes east of Dodger Stadium. Mike Scoscia actually also used to live here, but moved after the city gave him trouble about building his new home."

I am a Claremont McKenna graduate, and I remember one time my senior year ranting on and on about Fred Claire (I think Pedro Martinez was the topic), and one of the faculty who overheard said "You know, he lives right down the street." A long-time rumor has it that Snoop Dogg's main residence is in Claremont, though this goes unconfirmed by me.

No surprise that Claremont would give anyone, including Mike Scioscia, trouble about building their house. If the town hasn't changed at all, it has very strict zoning rules and likes to enforce them. Students generally complain that they have to drive out of town to do things (no movie theatres, bowling alleys, etc.). The nicer parts of Claremont are very nice, something akin to La Canada. I have to admit, if I lived in Claremont, I'd want stability too. So stop playing Grabowski.


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