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Friday, November 12, 2004

Green for Piazza Redux

The Fourth Outfielder quickly analyzes a proposed Green/Piazza deal, and points out its positives. I don't think his take (or mine) can be fairly characterized as an endorsement (even if this isn't anything but rumor, not to mention that Shawn Green will enforce his no-trade), but unlike the proposed Sosa deal, this is a short-term fix that at least has some chance of working out in our favor, and putting us in a position of spending our money more wisely, even if it is the same amount.

And Finley over Alou? This seems at best arguable, and anyone who holds the opposite view could hardly be called a "moron." Both produced last year, both are old, both are fairly high risk when it comes to likelihood of injury in the next year or two (though Alou is probably a higher risk). Finley had an all-time great moment (on my birthday no less), but that's hardly a reason to pay him a premium for hitting under .200 in September (not to mention the NLDS). It all depends on context (we already have a lot of left handed hitters; but are some not coming back?) and contract terms (How long do they want even more than how much do they want). It's all about the length of the contract. Steve Finley at 1 year for 7 million might be a good deal where 2 years for 10 million might not. Jason Varitek at 5 years is team suicide. And there's something to the "free agent" part of this too. I haven't read anything from Steve Finley discussing how desperate he is to come back.

Locking ourselves into Finley, or Beltre, or LoDuca, or whoever, has two effects. First, it limits the number of options that the team can take advantage of to get better. They may get worse at one position, but improve in another. Second, it allows agents like Scott Boras to extort wild sums of money from stupid teams who are always looking to "excite the fans," until the guy they just handed $55 million to goes 18-23 in two years (or whatever. Hi Darren!) The possibilities we read about in the newspaper only skim the surface (and may be out-and-out false) of what GMs like DePodesta talk about every day. I think we have the right guy to do this, and I think we will be happy with the end product.

And if not, then the name of this blog will have to get longer.


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