Fire Jim Tracy

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Inevitable

Like Ohio on Election Night (Bush is winning the provisional ballots in Ohio by the way. Never has so much time and breathlessness been wasted for so little. And it denied me the bi-annual joy of watching Judy Woodruff's head explode when another Republican candidate wins. But I digress.), this one's over. No need for recounts. I'm disappointed, but not as much as I probably should be, and there are rays of hope. The contract is only two years with two "option years" that likely have a minimal buyout attached to them. The long wait between the end of the Series and this signing suggest a very short leash. If Tracy's problems persist, and it turns out that we used up all of our miracle comebacks in 2004, this will not be a terribly difficult contract to get out of.

Things change. People change. Jim Tracy might change. That's what we hope the story is in 2005, and the miracle comebacks cease to be necessary.


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