Fire Jim Tracy

Saturday, November 20, 2004


This puts Milton Bradley into perspective.

It's particularly unfortunate, because the NBA had only since the beginning of the season began to clean up the Basket-brawl that had led to 80-65 games and made the product completely unwatchable (although I suspect that the NBA is still completely unwatchable, made so by 19 year olds and Kobe Bryant hurling up ugly bricks at a 60% pace). Fines, suspensions, and perhaps a League Expulsion for Artest and anyone else are appropriate. But let's not forget that the NBA has winked at wanton, pointless, in-game violence for years, and then continually renders surprise when this violence escalates. The NBA has reaped what it has sown, and my own belief is that the NBA has negligently created a situation where acts like this were not only likely but inevitable. At least, that's what the theory will be for the massive tort claims certain fans are likely to level against Artest, O'Neal, Jackson, and the league.

Bankrupt it and put it out of its misery. Get Cuban and any other like-minded owners to re-start the league, and enforce the rules of basketball.


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