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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Tender Trap

"One starry night, when her kisses make you tingle
She'll hold you tight, and you'll hate yourself for bein' single..."

Frank Sinatra --
The Tender Trap

Tingle! Tingle!

Talk about a match made in Heaven! Jim Tracy and the Mets! There are so many reasons this is perfect. It's like Sonny and Cher. Abbott and Costello. Martin and Lewis. Love and Marriage! Horse and Carriage! Just give me the date so I can come to the reception bearing champagne and a gift certificate to the Nordstrom Rack. They make a cute couple. Mazel Tov!

ESPN reports that three candidates are coming back for second interviews with the Mets (Terry Collins?), although the story notes that other candidates could come into the process later. I have been a little surprised that we haven't had the press conference yet. There is almost no amount of money over whatever the Dodgers are now offering at which they should re-sign him (they should of course, not re-sign him at all), and if they are "negotiating," such is absurd. Millions of dollars for allowing Scott Stewart to pitch in a Seventh Inning.

As far as Jon's suggestions for next year, I'm open to all input as to how to undertake this task. My biggest challenge, of course, will be to keep from going insane. That's why Jerry, in addition to his other titles, is Senior Vice President, Keeping Steve Sane. There is no Vice-President of Objectivity, though I think I've made fairly clear the types of changes I would like to see Tracy make, and if Tracy makes them, I can't see where he would come in for any further criticism from me.

And who's calling me a Platonist? I'll show you a Platonist!


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