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Friday, December 17, 2004

Actual Quote from Dodger Thoughts Comments

I kid thee not:

"Cora is a better fielder and may be a better hitter given his .264 average in Dodger Stadium versus Kent's .289 in the Juice Box."

Jerry, you go where mortals fear to tread.

UPDATE: The New York Times reports that DePodesta is foisting Ishii on the Yankees. Sweet. And we're not going to get anything back? What were we going to get? The rights to Drew Henson? Getting rid of a bad contract for a guy who can't pitch past June is ENOUGH IN ITSELF! There are Yankee executives swearing up and down because they have to take Ishii (what's he going to do in Yankee Stadium? This is a match made in the seventh concentric circle of hell) to make the deal go. Next people are going to be wondering why we didn't offer Nomo arbitration so that we could flip him for two prospects. WAKE UP! If DePodesta had real stones, he would have made them swallow Dreifort.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Newsday has us giving 2 million with Ishii, for a savings of $3.5 million. Since the Commissioner's office tends to look negatively on outright cash payments, this is part of defraying the cost of Vazquez's contract. And we get rid of Ishii.

And as long as we're talking about money and overpaying free agents, anybody desperate enough to spend insane amounts of money on the guy who gave up a home run to Alex Cora on the 17th pitch of an at-bat has no business telling DePodesta how to run this team. And that idiot Kevin Malone would have given him 5 years and $55 million, and he sure wouldn't have "lost" his man.


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