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Friday, December 03, 2004

Giant Disappointment

For those curious about what Giants bloggers are saying about The Story, here are some pointers:

Cuidado con El Lefty Malo :

"This sounds cold, but part of me wishes Bonds would simply retire. I've loved watching him for the past 12 years in a Giants uniform, I feel privileged to have watched one of the best ballplayers in history (or should we now say "one of the better ballplayers in history"?), but I also don't want every accomplishment of my favorite team to appended with a big fat asterisk.

I would be thrilled if Bonds is somehow vindicated in all this, but you won't find me staying up Christmas Eve listening for the clip-clop of reindeer hooves on the roof."

Only Baseball Matters

"It saddens me, as a bit of the luster on all of Bonds' greatness is lost. Knowingly or not, Bonds' superhuman efforts these last four MVP seasons must now be viewed with an asterisk, (however small) and his legacy (in my eyes, anyway), will always be tainted. Hey Johnnie, there is no Santa Claus."


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