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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

God Bless Us Every One

Regular FJT readers (all half-dozen) know that I am not given to uncomfortably long silences. Or any silences at all. Fear not, however, for I bring you good tidings of great joy. Caroline Margaret Haskins was born on December 23, 2004 at 1:56 A.M. Mother and daughter are healthy, but the attendant responsibilities of the Christmas season, particularly in regard to Caroline's two older sisters, require far more of my time than usual. Not to mention that there's nothing to talk about. And the deaths of 100,000+ brings whatever troubles we have into perspective for the time being. So this hiatus will likely last through the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

UPDATE: I'm breaking my hiatus, but CNN/SI reports that the Shawn Green to Arizona trade could include Brad Penny. No attribution, so it might simply be idle speculation. But moving big, stupid contracts sucks. Drew's contract is....ominous.

And thanks, Jon and Rob. I'm still seven short of a softball team, but young yet.


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