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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back Into the Water

J.D. Drew? Why? We didn't get Beltre because we didn't want to go through the Boras Gauntlet, and have to dump Beltre's contract in 2007 like we're dumping Green now. If you were just going to get rid of Beltre and sign Drew to 5 for 55, might as well pay the Boras sticker price (7 for 91 or whatever) and chalk up the extra 35 million to marketing costs, then blame the fans for making you do it later (I would have loved to see that particular Plaschke article -- you know, the one where Beltre hits .265 in 2006). Anyway, it's not better than Beltre -- it's not worse than Beltre. But I would have probably done Beltre before Drew, particularly since now I STILL have to go through the patented Boras open-bidding process to get anywhere.

By the way, I do not care, and neither should you, what the Dodger payroll is. It does not matter if it is 50 million or 100 million. As any California resident knows, the state is in a budget disaster because government spending expands to amount of money available to spend. The only issue is whether the Dodgers win. If they win on 50 million, DePodesta is our hero. If they lose on 150 million (Welcome to Mets/D-Backs Talk with your 2006 host, Pedro Martinez), then DePodesta gets rode out of town on a rail.

And have all of you Gagne fans, who are ripping and gnashing and wailing about team loyalty, etc., forgotten that we need "payroll flexibility" to even have the barest chance of affording what might be the biggest luxury item in all of baseball -- the three-out closer? Of course you have. Now, I haven't been against trading Gagne in the past because you can basically get anything for him (look at what the Brewers got for Dan Kolb!), but why do you go to Dodger games? All right -- I'll admit it. I go to see Gagne come out to "Welcome to the Jungle" in the Ninth Inning. The Tin Man has a heart, after all. And I am not sure whether I believe McCourt and DePodesta would actually have the guts to turn Gagne loose, trade him, etc. If they do, then they are better men than I, Gunga Din. Which means Boras has us in the cross-hairs on that one too. And you know what that means. And that means that all the bad contracts have to go And if Ishii and Green go, well, and then there was one.


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