Fire Jim Tracy

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Like Dick Nixon...

We won't have Alex Cora to kick around anymore. That should solve any lingering question about who is playing second base, and eliminate any chance that Tracy might do something goofy. As usual, DePodesta leaves nothing to the imagination.

UPDATE 1: It's fairly clear that DePodesta is trying to flip Vazquez. It may not be what we've seen in the newspaper concerning the White Sox, but that's probably what's holding this thing up. It appears as though Vazquez would likely exercise his trade right next year (so that he can go play in some exotic locale like Milwaukee), which would leave us getting 50% on the dollar if we don't flip him now.

UPDATE 2: "However, [Drew] has a history of injuries, something that was rarely a problem with Green, and could command a salary of about $11 million a year."

Why would anybody write this? A Times reporter wrote it? Well, that explains all. Green had a shoulder injury through most of 2003 and 2004, and only seemed to come out of it the last two months of 2004. Not only that, he whined to the Times about Tracy threatening to drop him in the batting order (and Tracy waited six weeks to do it, and yadda, yadda, know this already). I'm not a big fan of any impending Drew signing -- I just can't stand it when Times "reporters" and "writers" completely ignore facts in order to serve whatever agenda they are pursuing at the time.

UPDATE 3: In a completely unscientific internet poll at the L.A. Times, 83% of fans disapprove of not signing...Alex Cora! We are in the grip of an incredible mass hysteria. Hide the children.


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