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Thursday, December 09, 2004


I like the Jeff Kent move. Two years seems like an acceptable risk with a guy who has 500 ABs every year for the past seven or eight, and significantly younger than Finley. Best news for Tracy fans: He's right-handed, so Tracy can continue to platoon Cora! Everybody wins.

UPDATE: Ken Gurnick at the Dodgers website points out that "[b]ecause the Astros did not offer Kent salary arbitration, the Dodgers will not forfeit their first-round pick in the June draft as compensation."

UPDATE the SECOND: Which is easier to find, a 2B, a 1B, or a RF? I don't know which is easier to find between the 1B and the RF, but I know that a 2B like Kent is hard to find, and this is not a long-term disaster contract like others. Now DePodesta has to find EITHER a 1B or a RF in addition to what he now has, because Green can go either way (Can you take a flyer on Delgado now? Weelllll, we really need the starting pitching.). But if Alex Cora is anything but a late-inning defensive replacement on next year's team (if he's even on next year's team -- There is a 93% chance DePodesta will have to trade him so that Tracy doesn't do anything stupid with him.), DePodesta will have screwed up. Fortunately, this signing went a long way to ensuring that such does not occur.

UPDATE the THIRD: Not that anything I wrote earlier should be considered to be an un-endorsement of playing Choi at first base over Cora at second. That is an un-choice. If Tracy did anything like unto it, DePodesta could feel free to eat the 1.5 million and fire him right there in the dugout on opening day, to be replaced by any random peanut vendor he decides to pull out of the stands (By the way, was anybody surprised that we didn't offer Nomo arbitration? If we had, Tracy would have had him starting along side Cora on Opening Day.). But there are better 1B/RFs than Choi, and if DePodesta gets one, we will of course welcome him.

UPDATE the FOURTH: And the last one. If there is one effect of this deal that should win universal acclaim, it is that the Dodger Blues guy will have to write a new news item and hide that horrible picture of the guy with the glue gun.

UPDATE the FIFTH: Tom from The Fourth Outfielder, thinking outside the box, suggests trading Izturis (scroll down into the comments -- you'll find it), who will have far more trade value, and moving Cora to shortstop in a package with Perez. This makes far more sense than playing Cora instead of Choi. Jon Weisman, on the other hand, argues that Izturis has room to improve based on his age, while Cora doesn't. Everyone knows how I feel about Cora, who had one lucky at-bat (and fourteen of the same exact cut fastballs on the inside corner later...if there was anything to make me worried about signing Matt Clement, this at-bat was it. How about mixing in a 2-2 breaking ball there, Matt?), two good months (until pitchers realized all you had to do was throw strikes and make him swing), and a manager addicted to platooning like crack. So you don't have to guess how I feel about this issue, but at least when we're comparing Cora and Izturis, we're in the same general ballpark (or city, or state).

OK, folks, that's all, nothing more to see here. Move it along.


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