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Monday, December 13, 2004

Pure Sanity in the GM Department

When did Kevin Malone get back into baseball? Oh, those misty water-colored days of yore when Malone would pay, say, $55 million for someone (anyone?), then justify it by basically saying he was worth that because Malone decided to pay him said sum. It's the "purple hat" theory of baseball valuation. We have a friend who once bought his fiance a $300 purple hat. He gave it to her (in our presence), where she quickly (as you might imagine, it being a $300 purple hat) told him that she hated it and he had to take it back immediately. When asked what would drive him to spend $300 on the hat, he said "because that's what the price tag said." My friend would make a terrible General Manager. But at least he didn't sign a guaranteed contract to wear the hat every fifth day. OK, so back to baseball.

Say what you want about DePodesta, who seems to be working slowly, methodically, and somewhat under the radar (new CW: if it shows up in the paper, it's probably wrong): there is something comforting in knowing that the chances of him giving $50 million dollars over four years to a guy with a 90% labrum tear were the same as Jim Tracy falling out of love with Hideo Nomo. None, zero, zip, nada, donut. I can't imagine a single Met fan (end of sentence, right?) who would be happy about this. It's almost like an admission that they are going to suck for the next four years, so they might as well enjoy paying Pedro to do it. In fact, he might be the quintessential purple hat. Expensive, garish, good enough for those into that sort of thing -- but destined for return.


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