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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Taking the Long View

All of the either moves, or non-moves of this winter have me yawning. Not concerned; just bored. Finley was fine, but nothing irreplaceable. Lima could have come back, but whatever team gives him multiple years at 5 million will rue that day, if not in 2005, then some time soon. Carlos Perez could be an appropriate comparison here. Leiter will probably work out for a one year contract, and the Woody Williams signing was a nice one year pick up for the Padres (at 55% of the one-year cost, and 25% of the two year cost of Troy Percival -- amazing). Lieber to the Phillies -- have you ever seen Lieber and Millwood in the same room? I didn't think so. Armando Benitez was nice for the Giants if you just consider 2005, and ignore the team they put on the field in 2007. Missing out on Jaret Wright won't keep me up late. I'm a little surprised that DePo seems to have preferred Ledee over Dellucci, but DePodesta must have a reason (Nice reporting! This is how the New York Times does it.).

There's time and Beltre to consider.


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