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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wait A Minute!

An Arizona reporter on ESPN is reporting that Randy Johnson may have changed his mind, and may want to stay in Arizona. The reporter also says that the D-Backs are the leader in the clubhouse for Matt Clement (who was vanquished by Alex Cora -- good luck with all that). He claims that the Dodgers are the "loser" in the deal, but he also thinks signing Troy Glaus to a $40 million contract was a good idea, so we know he's as bright as Bill Plaschke, at least.

A hypothetical: The Yankees come to you in March 2004, and tell you that they are offering Vazquez, who has three years on his contract, for $8 million a year (that's Matt "The Man who Let Alex Cora Homer on Pitch 17" Clement money everyone) and what they want is -- Shawn Green (whom you are paying more to than Albert Pujols or Adrian Beltre will get), Brad Penny (this is before he had a bizarre injury that has kept him from throwing a baseball for six months), and Yhenzy Brazoban. You make that deal yesterday. Anyone would make that deal yesterday; at least, anyone except for your typical Dodgertalker, who would offer Alex Cora and Dave Ross. The two prospects from the Yankees are our payment for brokering the deal and getting them Johnson. Much as the Dodgertalk crowd wishes that we could just get baseball players for buckets of balls and a new glove, we have to give to get. We give, but we get. It's a good deal.

CAVEAT: Do not misunderstand me. This is not a good baseball team now, and it not a good baseball team after this trade (if it happens) either. No one could seriously claim that it is. At some point, you have to push the GO button. But most of these teams doing the deals are not very good baseball teams AFTER making their big deals (the Tigers and Mets leap immediately to mind), and some teams must think an asteroid is going to hit Earth sometime around November 2006. The Team Astronomers have been busy.

But look at the Braves! First they trade their top pitching prospect for Dan Kolb. Then they still have enough to flip two more, plus an outfield prospect with Major League experience, for ONE GUARANTEED YEAR of Tim Hudson! And they do it...every single year. I suspect that the deals and free agents, etc. will work themselves out. Where the rubber will hit the road in the next three to five years will be in the draft -- can we draft better in the next three to five than we have in the last twenty?

ADDENDUM: How is Brazoban going to help Arizona? You have to be winning to use your relief pitchers most effectively. Anybody who would rather be in the D-Backs shoes than the Dodgers's shoes right now is nuts. They both suck right now, but the D-Backs are going to spend a lot of money doing it, and are going to be sucking in '06 and beyond. Don't tell them, but we're trading them two more DL cases if this goes through. The D-Backs have the same lmaniacal look as the young couple who know they're going to file for Chapter 7, so they spend six weeks in Europe on their American Express cards just before they go.

For those of you who think this is all therapy, and I'm in're right. There are times when not drinking is a handicap, and, frankly, this is one of them. BUT WE STILL HAVE JIM TRACY!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

QUID PRO QUO: ESPN is backing off the Green trade. Whatever.


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