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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What Is The Statute of Limitations On Being Stupid?

The Cora is better than Kent guy is at it again on Dodger Thoughts:

"I couldn't find Kent's career stats at Dodger Stadium but, if you are correct, that doesn't fill me with any more confidence. We already had a 2nd baseman who batted .282 at Dodger Stadium with an OBP of .376, a SLG of .374 for an OPS was .750. Kent's was .757 for a career which would include his better years (that are now behind him). Wow. No, offense, but, if anything, you're helping me prove that Cora was actually better than Kent."

The same person then later wrote, believe it or not:

"First, you really shouldn't compare career numbers between players, especially players who have been in the league for a long time."

I'm reminded of the scene in Galaxy Quest where Tim Allen has to explain to the alien that he's not a spaceship captain -- "Explain as you would...a child."

Jeff Kent is in no way comparable to Alex Cora. None. As Tom at The Fourth Outfielder has pointed out, the rumors of Kent's defensive demise are premature, although the statement above makes no reference to his offense.

And by the way, Kent's career OPS is .858

UPDATE 1: And, oh yeah, remind me what Cora did in August and September last year? Was that him hitting .220? Must have been. There was only one Jose Flores sighting, and that was when Tracy used Flores INSTEAD of Cora to pinch-hit in a "bunting situation." (Quotes because this wasn't actually a bunting situation -- only in Jim Tracy's fevered imagination, but there you go).


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