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Friday, December 17, 2004

What a Week for Christmas Break

1) Any discussion about the Dodgers being able to "match" the Mariners deal is irrelevant. The Dodgers' deal was structured differently to avoid a protracted and harmful bidding process, and Beltre valued money over the extra time on the contract. It happens. Beltre got less than expected because he received the Mariners not quite-so final offer. As I have repeated 100 times, this factor is going to play into Beltre's remarks about Los Angeles, which are likely to be quite bitter.

2) There is just some sort of ugly irony in comparing Beltre's 13 million a year to Green's 16 million and Dreifort's 11 million. Yeah, those contracts worked out so well. How about Brown's 15 million too? It's less than than that!

3) Jerry tempted me, and I did read Plaschke. But attacking the owner is like yelling at the umpire -- an old and time-worn tradition. The difference between me and the McCourt haters is just one of degree -- they're ready to pull the plug, and I need more information. It's probably the flip-side of the Jim Tracy debate.


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