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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Where Would We Be Without Wishful Thinking?

We've known this for awhile, but Jayson Stark reaffirms that Texas' Alfonso Soriano will be shopped around during the winter meetings, and could be had for the price of one impact starting pitcher. While Soriano's numbers dropped a bit last year, he is still one of the premiere second basemen in the league--might he look good in Dodger blue?

Yes, our starting pitching is a concern. But maybe DePo can work something out, considering the plethora of pitching talent we have in the minors (Jackson, Billingsley, Hanrahan, Miller . . .). It's something to consider--while Cora is a fine guy and a great fielder, he represents a weakness in our lineup. Resigning Beltre and somehow nabbing Soriano might immediately cement us as favorites for the 2005 NL West title.

And just imagine the possibilities if Beltre could teach Soriano the trick of staying away from the low-and-away pitch . . .

Edit: Nevermind. This appears to be a good move for the Blue Crew, who get a former NL MVP who ranked 9th last year in RBI (ahead of Dunn, Helton, Thome, and yes, Bonds).


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