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Friday, December 17, 2004

Why Sports Writers Are Overpaid

John Donovan at extols the Diamondbacks, says that if the Green trade goes through they are legitimate Division competitors (touting their "OK" rotation of Penny, Webb, and Ortiz)...then lists the Glaus and Ortiz contract as two of the three worst of the winter! HELLO!

And here's CNN's 2004 Spring Preview of the Yankees which states that Javier Vazquez could replace Roger Clemens, and that he is a possible "staff ace."But we're the ones that would get him in this deal, while we would give up Shawn Green's lousy contract, Brad Penny's bad arm, and yet another of a seemingly neverending line of three-out pitchers? I understand the Beltre disappointment, but the trade blowback is nutty. Chalk it up to the emotion of the moment.

And calls for Kevin Malone? That is NOT a laughing matter.


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