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Sunday, December 05, 2004

With the Fury That They Had in '66

Hammerin' Hank weighs in. He asks the question that's been on my mind since Day 1: "Is this thing involving Barry Bonds in the same category as the guy who gambled on baseball?"

I've already hinted that I think this is clearly worse than what Pete Rose did. What Rose did was wrong, yes. But what he did did not affect the outcome of any game (betting on your team is much different than betting against it).

MLB gave Rose a lifetime ban from the game.

MLB gave a guy who was charged with stealing cars (and later acquitted) a lifetime ban from the game.

MLB gave former Dodger Steve Howe a 1-year suspension and lifetime ban (later revoked) from the game for abusing illegal drugs.

All 3 of these guys got lifetime bans for criminal activity that had no affect on actual competition.

What will MLB do to a guy whose alleged abuse of illegal drugs had an enormous impact on competition?

We'll see.


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