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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Analysts" and a Hole in the Ground

I will miss Ross Porter, but his departure overshadowed a bigger problem with the Dodgers' media plans, which is the addition of the dreaded "analyst" to the proceedings. Sports analysis on television is, on the whole, extremely poor. I had to point out just one example. Trev Alberts was talking about the "Orange Bowl" (in quotes, because I still find it hard to believe that was the actual Orange Bowl), and trotted out the old, hackneyed, cliched line about how Oklahoma played scared and tried to avoid mistakes and played not to lose. Then to support this cliched assertion, he pointed to...Oklahoma's muffed punt from the three yard line with the score tied at 7-7! Now, that play was so dumb, I almost posted about it just for the opportunity to call it "Garner-esque." But how would that play suggest a passive strategy? If anything, that play suggested daring (if not foolhardy) risk and a desire (if not a wise one) to turn nothing into something.

I realize this is a football commentator, but over a 162-game season, we will have to deal with literally hundreds of these moments from "analysts." Who are the fans clamoring for these guys? The same ones who can't stand to see the Dodgers without Alex Cora?


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