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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bill Plaschke Cowardly U-Turn Of The Week

I hope to make this a regular feature.

Bill Plaschke lauding the Kevin Brown signing -- Los Angeles Times December 13, 1998

"Some will find it disturbing that the Dodgers can pay $ 15 million more to an older pitcher than their younger, more popular catcher.They should not. Brown is a proven winner. Piazza is not. Fox is paying for that proof."

Bill Plaschke giving 10 reasons to fire Kevin Malone -- Los Angeles Times, August 17, 2000

8. Paying too much for Kevin Brown. It's not that he hasn't pitched well. But it took the rest of baseball 14 months before somebody else equaled his $ 15-million annual salary. For that extra money, the Dodgers also could have signed a couple of other players. And maybe if Brown isn't the highest-paid player in baseball, the Dodgers don't tiptoe around him and his injuries and eccentricities as if he were their boss, instead of the other way around. Just wondering, but do you think Atlanta's John Schuerholz lets his pitchers diagnose themselves and decide whether they will pitch in the All-Star game despite tenderness, and whether they will not pitch in the last game of the season if they can't reach 20 wins?

What's that smell? Rank. Hypocrisy.

UPDATE: By the way, I know this isn't a big legal point or anything (to paraphrase Gene Wilder) but despite Bill Plaschke's obviously un-factchecked drivel last week, the "longest-tenured Dodger" when Alex Cora was non-tendered, was (and is, and seems like he always will be), of course, Darren Dreifort.


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