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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Check Your Local Listings

Is this a stupid reason to ban T.J. Simers? No. Why? Because anything that results in a Simers ban is by definition, a good thing. If anyone else was involved, this would be an extraordinarily dumb reason to ban T.J. Simers. The phone number is already public and easy to find (as I stated Thursday). If the Dodgers don't have a process for handling phone calls, that's lame and on their heads. And Simers, allegedly, has an editor, though not a very good one if it's the same one who fact-checks Plaschke (That's D..R...E...I...F...O...R...T). Though it remains to be seen what the difference will be, since Simers has no interest in what any of his interviewees have to say anyway.

Not possessing the strength of will to go through Simers' latest line by line today (It is a day of rest, after all), I merely observe the colossal rudeness of this clown who just had to interfere with his own best-laid plans. Who among us, when asked if we wanted Simers to hang up, would have said Yes? And have him start calling me the Screaming Meanie in the paper the next day? Please. And is there anyone who doubts that the conversation went much different with everyone knowing that Simers was there waiting to jump on them for the slightest break from orthodoxy. Of course, don't expect him to point out the representative views of the call -- one favorable, one unfavorable, and two people concerned about Ross Porter, bear no resemblance to the universal disgust he claims toward the Dodgers' offseason. Here's an idea -- if you're going to try cheap tricks, why don't you let them work? Why don't you let the fans talk to McCourt, and McCourt talk to the fans, without getting involved where you aren't wanted?

P.S. Why not Mr. Rogers at second base? Or Mother Teresa? They're not malcontents, and I've heard that Colin Powell has a Hoover for a glove.

If the Dodgers don't win the pennant this year, it will be because Jeff Kent didn't get to eight ground balls that Alex Cora would have. Doesn't matter whether this is true or not or would make any difference or not; Plaschke and Simers already have the copy written. Jeff Kent could be the best second baseman to ever play the game in 2005, and you will never know. Wouldn't you like them to actually report truth instead of unsubstantiated nonsense?

UPDATE: Some low-level Dodger hack gave Simers a free shot at material for 77 phone calls? Memo to Dodgers: one phone call from Frank McCourt to Dodger fan = 100,000 fans reading L.A. Times lies (if you could find 100,000 readers for the L.A. Times).


  • "Jeff Kent could be the best second baseman to ever play the game in 2005, and you will never know. Wouldn't you like them to actually report truth instead of unsubstantiated nonsense?"


    By Blogger Icaros, at 1/23/2005 04:04:00 PM  

  • Ditto.

    If they do report something beyond unsubstantiated nonsense, it'll be the first time. I won't be holding my breath.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/23/2005 08:01:00 PM  

  • Simers is like some guy at a party or a bar who loves to hear himself talk and just knows that everybody else in the room does too. He's the type that depends on his adversary to start sputtering at him. My dad used to like to "get a rise" out of mom in fun. Simers, similarly depends on getting a rise out of his targets. Of course, the problem is, when that someone is in on the TJ strategy, the jujitsu strategy is deadly. Witness McCourt actually responding to the 77 callers in a series of conference calls. Pretty soon TJ begins to sound like the blowhard at the bar. Witness his citing Cora's signing by Cleveland as a RESERVE (for a lot less than he was due from the D's) as proof that DePo effed up. And his snide little har har at the possibility Kent may be a more than decent 2b. Two words. Hilarious and Pathetic!

    By Blogger lloyd, at 1/24/2005 09:32:00 AM  

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