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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I Heart L.A.

Why are baseball players so irrational? Green is crazy to turn down nine million for two more years. I suppose there are major league teams out there dumb enough to give, say, 10 million a year, for multiple years, to a 33-year-old with one shoulder (Mets. Mets. Mets. Mets. Tigers. Mets. Cubs? Mets. You get the idea.) Let's try this again, but now threaten to make him into a catcher if he doesn't take the deal.

UPDATE: This is probably completely irrelevant, since either 1) someone else is probably going to be gone as a result of this (possibly Choi to Oakland for not much), or 2) Werth's arm goes out and makes this problem go away, but count me in the camp that would play Werth regularly in left, Green at 1st, Drew in right and keep them there until Green drops to .190. The only platoon is Valentin/Perez at third. And find a catcher and use him. Any platoon is going to suck anyway, so use a guy regularly in the hope that he might develop a playing rhythm. Do you hear that, Tracy? Keep your righty/lefty nonsense locked in the trunk with Choi's baseball corpse.

UPDATE 2: What was all that whining again about spending $100 million? I can't believe so many people love the Ugly Purple Hat.

UPDATE 3: Depressing. My sangfroid is more sang and less froid reading this.


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