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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Maybe This Year Will Be Better Than the Last

If you haven't been following Wait Til Next Year's Top 75 Prospects feature, I suggest you head on over (thanks to Rob for the pointer). He doesn't get 2 prospects into his analysis before saying "I don’t care what anybody else says, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best farm system in baseball." He's covered all but the top 15 prospects so far--here are the Dodgers that have received mention:

- Greg Miller - SP - #23
- Chuck Tiffany - SP - #45 (did you know the guy's thrown 3 no hitters in the minors?!)
- Mike Megrew - SP - #74 (but recently had Tommy John surgery and shouldn't be on the list according to WTNY)
- Jonathan Broxton - SP - honorable mention
- Andy LaRoche - 3B - honorable mention
- James Loney - 1B - honorable mention
- Dioner Navaro - C - honorable mention

15 more to go, and still no mention of Chad Billingsley, Joel Guzman, or Joel Hanrahan. Maybe Hanrahan has fallen off people's lists? I really ought to keep better track of these things. In any case, check WTNY out.


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