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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Meanwhile, Back In The World Where Fish Don't Fly

Various sources close to the Cora negotiations report that Cora began negotiations asking for a contract in the neighborhood of Jeff Kent, given his "vastly superior" defensive skill. After being laughed out of Tampa Bay, he signed in Cleveland for a just a wee bit less, and his new GM praised his ability to make 50 or 60 starts. Thrilling.

We here at Fire Jim Tracy hate to name names, but this also means that certain players will most likely lose the presumption of starting against right-handed pitching in the midst of horrendous .150 slumps that get certain others whom shall still remain nameless banished from the stadium and chained to the bench until they come up in the last week of the season because there are no more idiotic excuses for using Jose Flores (no names! Doh!), and do completely uncool things like double and walk in key situations, and then get ignorant lies written about them in the offseason.

It is, of course, axiomatic that sometimes baseball is wrong. But not on this one.

NON-UPDATE: Brian Falkenborg becomes a Manchurian Candidate (Sinatra version only, please).


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