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Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Motley Crew

Take a look at this list of "stars" who have received $100 million contracts, particularly those in the general area that Beltran just received.

Mike Hampton
Jason Giambi
Ken Griffey Jr.
Kevin Brown

What a track record. Well, good luck to all of that. I'm sure we'll hear all sorts of rhetoric in the coming days about how this one is going to be "different" from all the rest of them. Suckers. And don't come back to me in July when he's hitting .320 (or .275). Big deal. Let's talk in, say, 2008.

PREDICTION: By June 15, either John Kruk or Harold Reynolds will have stated publicly on Baseball Tonight that Beltran's play has justified his contract. Probably the former.

On another note, Jon reports that the Dodgers are getting back money based on insuring Dreifort's contract. That's good. But's its spent money. We now have to insure Perez and Lowe, not to mention J.D. Drew, not to mention everyone else. So anyone who believes that this is some sort of windfall with which to take on all-new unconscionable contracts is going to be disappointed. There may be some breathing room because of it to pick up 2005's Limas and Hernandezes, people we haven't even thought of yet, but basically, that insurance money is a whole different budget line. And given the specialized nature of the baseball re-insurance market, I doubt a lot of teams insure their way to fiscal windfalls. Not to mention Dreifort's doctor bills.

RHETORIC WATCH: Another of my favorites states that the Mets just spent $120 million for Mike Cameron (or Sean Casey, however, you want to look at it), then states that the risk was worth it. Must be a Yankees fan.


  • I think, in large part because of Dreifort, baseball pitcher contracts are much harder to get insurance for now.

    By Blogger Jon, at 1/10/2005 01:02:00 AM  

  • I was just sitting here thinking about how this is like Kevin Malone's penance. We didn't get anything else, but we got eight million in a transition year. Better than nothing plus a kick in the head (or a four year contract to Carlos Perez).

    Not only is insurance probably more expensive or non-existent, but the Dodgers have already crashed a few. As far as the proper method of managing risk, I defer to George Costanza, an expert in risk management. I just think that we're looking at money that will cover some outstanding and future bills and provide some measure of flexibility at the margins.

    I'm trying to avoid more talk about signing Delgado. I can't handle it. I'm far more interested in seeing the Mets sign Delgado, because I'm enjoying their ill-considered and expensive meltdown already, and ten million or more to Delgado ups the ante again. The New York press will, I'm sure, be as kind as they have been the last two days to the Mets over the next five years.

    By Blogger Steve, at 1/10/2005 09:58:00 AM  

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