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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Outsourcing Stupidity

It appears that the Los Angeles media market does not corner the market on stupid baseball "analysis." The Dodger rotation appears "worse than last year's?" Which part -- Derek Lowe in place of Jose Lima? Odalis Perez in place of Odalis Perez? Jeff Weaver in place of Jeff Weaver? Kaz Ishii in place of Kaz Ishii? No, he must be talking about Brad Penny in place of "Worst Pitcher in the NL in a decade (Jim Tracy Division)" Hideo Nomo.

At some point, you just realize that millions are going without food worldwide, and these guys get the buffet table and free press box seats. Totally unfair.

And the Mets are going to finish 79-83. So there.


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