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Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Pantheon Making Moment

Our own link from Jon's Dodger Thoughts! This is a stunning development. In a skewed, completely irrational way, Jon is our blogfather, given that this blog indirectly arose from a September days-long tirade regarding Jim Tracy in his comments section. Dark times, indeed, and best left in the dustbin of history. While I can't understand anything even vaguely resembling pro-Tracyism (for lack of a better word), Jon has built one of the pre-eminent (in my own opinion) baseball blog sites, and fills a void left by the Los Angeles Times, whose coverage has gone from boring to ridiculous over the last several years, particularly in the prior year, where Plaschke and Simers have left all objective, rational, or interesting thought behind. My enmity for Jim Tracy is eclipsed by a few, including those two and Phil Garner (who blew the NLCS, then got a big raise for it), and probably others I can think of.

I like things a little more rough-and-tumble than Jon does, but then, he has more at stake in this than I do. This is basically a rant blog, where I let out all of my frustrations (particularly with the subject), while Jon does things like reporting and writing -- you know, interesting "I never thought of that" type stuff. We dislike profanity, and we really dislike comparisons between Jeff Kent and Alex Cora. A lot. As far as Jim Tracy is concerned, here is everything you need to know in one easy post, though there is much more in the early archives if you care to read it. The main goal now, however, is to do a more thorough, real-time job in 2005.

In the meantime, we'll do some stuff.


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