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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Passing Time until Opening Kickoff 2005

I probably watch four football games a year. Thanks to Oklahoma for ruining 25% of them this year. Repeat after me: The "Big Twelve" is over-rated. The "Big Twelve" is over-rated. Now 100 times -- then please feel free to invite anyone other than a Big Twelve team to this game next year. I've seen Utah play a couple of times. If anyone out there in Blue State land thinks Utah (not to mention Auburn) wouldn't have played USC better than these slugs (or at least been smart enough to leave a punt alone inside their own 5), I have a 100 million dollar Carlos Beltran contract for you to sign.

In the meantime, I notice that the Dodgers have allegedly re-signed Odalis Perez. If 3 and 24 is true, those numbers are ugly. In a perfect world, he would have gotten about 15 from the Washington Nationals. But this isn't a perfect world, and the Dodgers clearly needed one more starter. Lowe's asking price is embarrassing, Clement is going to have sabermetricians drooling over him for the next 10 years after posting 10 straight 10-11 seasons, Jaret Wright and Jon Lieber had big question marks, Eric Milton I just don't even get. In retrospect, the biggest mistake of the winter was probably letting Lima go if a 1 and 4 deal was possible. Lima would have been insurance for Ishii particularly. I'm still a little surprised that Lima went back to the American League so he could get his head bashed in again. But we do what we do.

In the meantime, anyone who thinks our pitching is worse than last year's staff is smoking some major league weed. On the other hand, these guys are a bunch of headcases. Perez, Weaver, and Ishii are all high maintenance. Then throw in Edwin Jackson, who is talented, but has nothing resembling a second pitch. I don't know or care if Jim Colborn or someone else is the right guy for this job, but they better get the right guy for this job, because this rotation is going to need help.


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