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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Stability Amidst Chaos

After an offseason of heavy renovation, DePodesta has spent the past two days signing two of our most important young players to contract extensions: Cesar Izturis and Eric Gagne. The Times also reports that we are in negotiations with Brad Penny to avoid arbitration (though I'd be hesitant to offer him a substantial contract without seeing that elbow in a game situation). Does all this make up for losing Beltre? Probably not--but a great season or two from JD Drew probably would. In short, I'm pleased DePo hasn't forgotten about Gagne and Izturis--two important pieces to the puzzle who are also fan favorites (given the wave of new faces fans will see next season, this is important).

Among the storylines to focus on next season: whether Werth and Bradley can solidify themselves as good-to-great players fans will want to see in Dodger Blue for many years to come. Though I love Bradley's talent and intensity, I have a feeling Werth will have an easier time at this challenge than Milton.


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