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Monday, January 03, 2005

Time to Ask "Why?"

I was out in front defending the LoDuca/Finley trades. I didn't panic when Beltre went to Seattle. Unloading Shawn Green was a Christmas miracle a week late. But at some point, when you hear rumors about Delgado and Lowe and the obnoxious (and unwise) contracts that they are going to command, you have to wonder what's going on here. If you're going through all of this just to sign someone else's expensive flop, why not just sign your own expensive flops, all of whom sound like they would have been cheaper than the potentially expensive flops we've either already signed (Drew, Kent) or are rumored to be offering contracts to (Delgado, Lowe). Then you can blame the raving loons who begged and pleaded for Alex Cora to come to back. But I digress. Delgado just screams "Detroit Tigers" or "Baltimore Orioles," teams that have lots of dollars and little sense. Lowe might fit better in our more favorable ballpark, and his playoff experience is probably worth something (compared to O. Perez, for example), but how can we ignore the lessons of long-term contracts to pitchers? Back when three years and nine million was the biggest contract in baseball, Orel Hershiser couldn't even make it through that one, not to mention the more-recent Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort meltdowns.

This year's team could be a disaster, but then, most of us thought that last year's team was going to be a disaster before the season started. In some ways, last year's team was a disaster anyway. But this year's version is a cheap and relatively risk-free disaster. Drew is risky, but not Pedro for four years risky. Signing Lowe and/or Delgado sends this perilously close to an expensive disaster, and not only that, but it's the same sort of expensive disaster we could have already had by resigning Beltre, Perez, and Finley (and Finley came without the five year sticker price).

By the way, Delgado is disenchanted with his reception in the market? No love? No wonder he wants to come to L.A., where he can hit .200 with no home runs for a month, then whine about batting cleanup! What fun!

The point is that if the plan was to sign Lowe and Delgado, this actually was a very dumb plan. I don't believe that we're as interested in either as has been claimed by Gammons and others, but we'll see, I suppose.


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