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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Friendly Reminder

Paul DePodesta's web-chat begins in about 35 minutes (as of this posting) at the Dodgers' website, if you are interested in participating. The quality of the questions will be as important as that of the answers.

UPDATE: No big surprises. This was DePodesta's answer when asked about Jayson Werth's elbow, though:

“I spoke with Jayson this morning, and he’s feeling great. We also had him come to L.A. during the off-season for a follow-up MRI and exam, and the results were very encouraging. At this point, we’re very optimistic.”

And we all wait.

UPDATE 2: It should be noted that DePodesta (correctly, but disappointingly) demurred on the most intersting question posed, which asked what skills are currently underpriced by the MLB marketplace. Trade secrets. Booooooooo!


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