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Monday, February 14, 2005

The God-Given Blogger's Right to Spout Off About Anything You Want

---Non-Dodger Post---You Have Been Warned---This Is Your Last Chance---OK---You Asked For It

If those moronic, stupid, simpering, retarded, idiotic, ignorant bastards at FOX (you might have heard of them, fellow Dodger fans) so much as touch Arrested Development, especially for that execrable, sub-Saturday-morning-animated, crap-fest supreme they showed after the Super Bowl, they will suffer Holy and Righteous Wrath. FOX's misery will make the Curse of the Billy Goat look like the Fairy Godmother's Three Wishes. How about we make a deal, FOX? You give your fellow idiots out there all the Survivors, and Apprentices, and Bachelors (if reality shows were baseball players, they would all be Carlos Perez), Will and Graces (by far the worst successful sitcom ever in the history of modern man -- perhaps the Neanderthals turned out something worse on their cave stages -- but I doubt it), and Joeys (#%$&^%$#!!). Just do me one favor in return. On Sunday, at 9:30 Eastern and Pacific, 8:30 Central and Mountain -- just one half hour -- FOX shows a quality, laugh-out-loud comedy that reminds us why Philo T. Farnsworth invented the thing in the first place. Ten or twelve of us might be watching -- it's ok. Those of us with brains in our heads then promise in return not to point out that everything else on television (except Scrubs, which NBC continues to abuse as well) is complete and utter crap which, if Death Row Felons were forced to watch it Clockwork-Orange style, would almost bring a successful habeus corpus action for cruel and unusual punishment.

I feel strongly about this. I may write about it again when FOX actually pulls the plug, as they are likely to do, because their studio executives have the collective brains of a half-dozen ferrets on heroin.

Thank you for listening.


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