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Monday, February 28, 2005


Just for fun, given my last post, I did a LEXIS search for Bill Plaschke articles with "indeed" in them. Just a sample, culled from a search limited to 100, given that I didn't want to be picking through Plaschke-isms all night long.

April 6, 1988 (covering the Padres -- what should we expect?)

"Flashbacks, indeed."

April 23, 1988 (this would be...17 days later)

"Mistakes indeed."

August 22, 1991 (Be careful. Don't get lost in the metaphysical questions posed by this sentence.)

"Yes, indeed."

June 26, 1992 (The rest of them have periods. This one has a question mark. Indeed.)

"Why not, indeed?"

June 5, 1994 (Ah...not so fast!)

"Why, indeed?"

December 11, 1994 (Now here's a sentence imbued with deep meaning):

"What, indeed."

January 26, 1995 (In case you didn't catch it last month):

"What, indeed."

March 2, 1998

"Look at that, indeed."

January 18, 1999

"Such sweet sorrow, indeed."

March 9, 1999

"Where have you gone, indeed." (A nickel for the first person who can tell me what this article was about.)

September 3, 1999 (Maybe he meant weird.)

"Amazing numbers indeed."

January 11, 2000 (Making another appearance)

"Why not, indeed."

March 1, 2000

"Trail blazers, indeed."

January 30, 2002

"Bledsoe, you do indeed." (This one being especially poignant, since it came in the midst of Plaschke endorsing Bledsoe starting over Brady in the first Patriot Super Bowl, even though Bledsoe hadn't played all year. Do you see now, Bill? Do you see now?)

October 28, 2002

"The City of Angels, indeed."

May 29, 2003

"Greasy hockey, indeed." (uhhhh....)

February 11, 2004

"A different game indeed."

UPDATE: At the risk of creating a mindbending time and space circular vortex none of us can escape, more on this subject here. Unless you are coming from there, and then there is more on this subject here. Except there isn't actually more here. It's still the same post. Except for this update. But the only substance of this update is to direct you there. But the only reason you're here is because you were there. Or something like that.


  • Indeed, I was there, but now I'm here. Nice update.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/02/2005 03:45:00 PM  

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